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NinjaFirewall WP+ Edition 4.4 Premium WordPress Plugin

NinjaFirewall WP+ Edition 4.4 – is a powerful Web Application Firewall to protect WordPress against web attacks. NinjaFirewall WordPress Plugin Give your blog the highest level of protection it deserves, no less!

NinjaFirewall WP+ Edition 4.4 WordPress Plugin Features:
  • “Sensei v1.0” advanced firewall engine
  • Full standalone web application firewallHTTP reponse headers
  • URL Access Control
  • Response body filter (Web Filter) to scan the output of the HTML page right before it is
  • sent to your visitors browser
  • File uploads management
  • IP address & AS number Access Control
  • Rate-limiting option
  • User Input Access Control
  • Most efficient brute-force attack protection
  • Unix shared memory use for inter-process communication
  • Multisite support
  • Live Log.
  • Centralized Logging to remotely access the firewall log of all your NinjaFirewall protected
  • websites from one single installation
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance
  • Bot Access Control
  • IPv4 & IPv6 compatibility
  • Event notifications
  • Country-based Access Control (Geolocation)
  • Security rules update
  • Configurable HTTP return code and message
  • Activity log & Statistics
  • Widget Stats.
  • Live Log.
  • Possibility to prepend your own PHP code to the firewall
  • Role-based Access Control
  • Auto rotation.
  • Widget Stats.
  • Syslog Logging (compatible with Fail2Ban)
  • Real-time detection (File Guard)
  • File integrity monitoring to scan your website (File Check)
  • Antispam for comment and user regisration forms
Plugin Demo:


How to Install:

  • Download the *.zip file above
  • Please Login to WordPress
  • Goto Plugin Section
  • Select Add New
  • Click Upload Plugin
  • Select the downloaded plugin
  • Click Install Now
  • Activate Plugin
  • Done

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