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Ninja Tables Pro 4.1.7 The Fastest and Most Diverse WP DataTables Plugin

Ninja Tables Pro 4.1.7 – is the Best Selling WordPress table builder plugin with a user-friendly layout, easy to use settings, and enticing front-end. Build a table right from the comfort without having any coding experience. Do whatever you want – create, edit, maintain and customize. Ninja Tables is the ultimate solution for designing WordPress tables for any purpose.

Ninja Tables Pro 4.1.7 WordPress Plugin Features:
  • Unlimited Colors in Your Tables
    Don’t get stuck with the boring white. Color your tables according to your requirements with Ninja Tables Pro plugin.
  • Add Media to Tables Cells
    Add Images and other multimedia contents to your tables with Ninja Tables Pro and make your tables more effective than ever!
  • Connect Google Sheets
    If you have already stored your information on Google Sheets, you can publish it effortlessly with Ninja Tables Pro.
  • Drag and Drop Data Sorting
    With Ninja Tables Pro, you don’t have to code every single task. Just drag and drop table data and arrange them intuitively.
  • Advanced Customization Features
    The advanced setting enables you with a myriad of under-the-hood functionalities to make your table more powerful.
  • WooCommerce Integration
    Got a WooCommerce store? Connect it and turn it into a Product showcase table easily with Ninja Tables Pro.
  • Advanced Date Sorting
    Sort your table data according to date added or the dates assigned to them in table columns.
  • WP Posts
    Display website contents in a searchable, sortable with Ninja Tables. It supports custom posts, pages, & custom post types.
  • Export-Import CSV
    Where your tables are now or where you want to export one- Ninja Tables allows you to export and import tables in seconds.
  • Add CSS Class
    Don’t just rely on the default stylings. Style your tables with additional CSS classes and make them more beautiful!
  • Colspan/Cell Merging Feature
    You can easily merge cells in tables built with NinjaTables. This is a great feature which have a significant appeal.
  • Use Shortcode in your table cell​
    Shortcodes give you extra benefit so that you can use the same shortcode in different places to see the same result.
  • Conditional Column Formating
    Set conditions to your tables and highlight specific columns/rows/cells according to previously set logics.
  • Set Max Width for Columns
    The columns have a default width and they expand based on your input. Control the columns by setting the max width.
  • Text Alignment
    How do you want to see the text? Center, right or left? Using this feature, you can place the text on your desired position.
  • Transform Value
    Value Transformation is a powerful tool that concat any column values easily into valid HTML and show as computed value.
  • Custom Filter UI
    With this feature, users can search within a particular option. First, they will filter then they do what’s needed.
  • Advanced Data Filtering
    Custom Search Filters is useful if you want to add a Checkbox/Radio Button to show a group of rows of your table.
  • Connect WP Fluent Form
    If you’re already using WP Fluent Form, now is the time to connect it with Ninja Tables and beautifully organize your form entries.
Plugin Demo:


How to Install:

  • Download the *.zip file above
  • Please Login to WordPress
  • Goto Plugin Section
  • Select Add New
  • Click Upload Plugin
  • Select the downloaded plugin
  • Click Install Now
  • Activate Plugin
  • Done

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