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Buddypress Members Only Pro 4.8.6 WordPress Plugin

Buddypress Members Only Pro 4.8.6 – is a BuddyPress plugin that restricts your BuddyPress to logged in/registered members only. You can opt to just allow logged in users to view your site, non members can only open a few specified page which you setting in our plugin back end. Logged in users have full access on your BuddyPress site.

Buddypress Members Only Pro 4.8.6 Plugin Features:
  • Restricts Your BuddyPress and WordPress to allowed users based on user roles
  •  Restricts BuddyPress standard components and customization components to users based on user roles, for example, you can choose which components will open to guest user, and open members component page to subscriber user roles, and open activity component page to paid user roles only… and so on, in back end it is very easy to setting which components will only opened to logged in users based on user roles
  • BuddyPress Menu Visibility Control by user roles, for example, in menu bar, support user role can find staff menu item, and customer can find download menu item… and so on, you can control menu visibility by user roles, each user roles can have their own menu items, so buddypress admin will not need make a long menu bar at the top of the buddypress site.
  • BuddyPress Profile Field Visibility Control by user roles, you can chose to hide buddypress profile fields in buddypress profile page, based on user roles, for example, buddypress non-member guest can not view buddypress profile fields like name, age, address… and so on, but customer user roles can see name, age, address… fields, by this way, you can build a comfortable & safe private buddypress community for buddypress users, users’ privacy be respected.
  • Restricts Site RSS Feed, you can add restricts notification in editor, support image, link, font style, videos… and so on, restricts notification will shown in feed content
  • One click to add default membership levels and custom the name of membership level as any thing you want, for example: Bronze, Silver, Gold… and so on
  • Charge Membership fees with BuddyPress Membership WooCmmerce Payment Gateway Plugin
  • Approved users only addon, if enabled this addon, when users register as members, they need awaiting administrator approve their account manually, at the same time when unapproved users try to login your site, they can not login your site and they will get a message that noticed they have to waiting for admin approve their access first, only approved users can login your site.
    You can enable / disable approve user addon at anytime in addon manage panel
  • Customized URLs Restricts based on user role, For example, you can settings https://yourdomain.com/members/%username%/forums/ only opened for paid users, or open %sitename%/family/%username%/ for family user types… and so on.
  • Options to only protect your buddypress pages, so other section on your wordpress site will be open to the guest users.
  • Enable page level protect, when you edit a post, you can choose setting it as a members only page or not.
  • If you disable buddypress, our plugins will detect it automatically and continue to protect your wordpress pages.
  • Login and Logout auto redirect based on user roles, for example, you can let women user role go to messages page after they logged in, and let man user role go to members page after they logged in, or let subscriber user role go to product / upgrade members page after they logged out…and so on
  • Support Add Announcement on Buddypress Members Only register page, you can add announcement in editor with image, link, font style, videos… and so on, we will show announcement at top of register page.
  • Custom / Hide WordPress Login Link, change wordpress default login link for buddypress private network, to stop spam bot
  • Support One Click Reset all Settings
  • Supported https and websocket
Plugin Demo:


How to Install:

  • Download the *.zip file above
  • Please Login to WordPress
  • Goto Plugin Section
  • Select Add New
  • Click Upload Plugin
  • Select the downloaded plugin
  • Click Install Now
  • Activate Plugin
  • Done

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