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Advanced Custom Fields Extended Pro WordPress Plugin

Advanced Custom Fields Extended Pro – All in one Enhancement Suite for ACF & WordPress. Supercharge ACF Pro.

Advanced Custom Fields Extended Pro WordPress Plugin:
  • Payment Selector
    Optional Payment Gateway Selector.
  • Phone Number
    New international Phone Number field.
  • Scripts UI
    Run advanced scripts on thousands of posts.
  • Rewrite Rules UI
    Analyze WordPress permalinks & rules.
  • Payment Field
    Payment compatible with Stripe & PayPal
  • Payment Cart
    Payment Cart for an easy e-commerce setup.
  • Enhanced Dev Mode
    Object data, meta count and meta cleanup.
  • User List Location
    Display field groups on user list screen.
  • Media List Location
    Display field groups on attachment list screen.
  • Shortcode Preview
    Display Form shortcode preview in editor.
  • Flexible Content Grid
    Flexible Content Columns System.
  • Flexible Content Rules
    Flexible Content Layouts Locations Rules.
  • Languages
    Fully customizable Language selector.
  • Currencies
    A new International Currencies selector.
  • Choices Render
    Custom PHP render for checkbox/radio choices.
  • Color Picker
    Advanced color picker palette settings.
  • Date Range Picker
    New customizable date range picker field.
  • Force Sync
    Always synchronize json files changes.
  • Screen Layouts
    Up to three columns Post Edit screen layout.
  • Image Selector
    Display an Image Selector field.
  • Field Group UI
    Enhanced UI for better user experience.
  • Countries
    Fully customizable Country selector.
  • Hide on Screen
    12 new screen settings have been added.
  • WP Settings Locations
    Display field groups on WP Settings pages.
  • Settings UI
    Enable/disable modules directly from the UI.
  • Menus Locations
    Advanced Menu Depth & Type locations.
  • Developer Fields
    New advanced fields selectors for developers.
  • Field Visibility
    Quick access to field visibility.
  • Instruction Read More
    Allow to expand instructions text.
  • Classic Editor
    Built-in WordPress Classic Editor setting.
  • Multiple File Upload
    Enable multiple file upload & dropzone.
  • Inline Hooks
    Inline PHP field registration hooks.
  • Forms Option Action
    Update Options Pages on front-end forms.
  • Instruction Placement
    Override a specific field instruction placement.
  • Date Picker
    Enable date restriction & no weekends settings.
  • Date Time Picker
    Date/time restriction & no weekends settings.
  • Time Picker
    Enable time & hours restrictions settings.
  • Dynamic Templates
    Manage default values with conditions.
  • Advanced Google Map
    New settings added to the Google Map field.
  • Post Object
    Inline post edit and creation.
  • Field Value Locations
    Render Field Groups based on fields values.
  • Advanced WYSIWYG
    New settings added to the WYSIWYG field.
  • Required Message
    Custom required error message on validation.
  • Min/Max Items
    Set minimum/maximum items on validation.
  • Relationship
    Inline post edit and creation.
  • Post Field
    Move native WordPress fields in Field Groups.
  • Post Locations
    +9 Field Groups posts locations.
  • Taxonomy Locations
    +5 Field Groups taxonomies locations.
Plugin Demo:


Jemputan Karyawan

How to Install:

  • Download the *.zip file above
  • Please Login to WordPress
  • Goto Plugin Section
  • Select Add New
  • Click Upload Plugin
  • Select the downloaded plugin
  • Click Install Now
  • Activate Plugin
  • Done

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